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Specialists in large-scale infrastructure engineering 

V.A.M.S. is an engineering company that has been working in the field of major infrastructure engineering since 1974, with extensive and qualified professional experience in all areas of the design of such works, as well as in the related integrated services, including consultancy in the construction of major infrastructure using the project finance instrument.

The design and supervision of works has been carried out in recent years in several sectors: Hydraulic, Maritime, Transport (Roads-Highways- Main Railway Network), Environmental, Building, Cultural Heritage (Multifunctional Complexes for State Bodies and Hospitals, which have involved works of considerable importance, with innovative applications of technical and plant engineering solutions aimed at energy saving and active and passive safety of the infrastructure).

In the field of major transport infrastructures, V.A.M.S. Ingegneria has been involved since 1983 in the design of development and upgrading plans for the main Italian railway network, carrying out numerous important services and designs.

In this context, which represented the moment of qualification and relaunch of railway design in Italy, until then a monopoly of the Italian State Railways, our company was qualified, on the basis of very restrictive criteria, for all the integrated services provided for in the National Plan. In 1987 it was selected, along with 18 other qualified railway design companies in Italy, for the implementation of the “Italian High-Speed System” programme. In this context, the first final designs were carried out, followed by further contracts for integrated executive design and services on various sections of the national railway network.

Among the various activities carried out in the transport sector: planning and design of transport infrastructures in national highways, regional, sub-regional, metropolitan and urban areas, as well as those relating to ‘nodal’ transport infrastructures (interports, ports and airports) and inland navigation works, with particular mention of the studies and design of the Tevere river and its inland navigation in the Rome area.

VAMS Ingegneria is highly qualified in the design of large hydraulic works in ports, dams, crossings, aqueducts, irrigation networks, hydraulic installations, river, coastal and maritime works.

The vast experience gained in the theoretical and applied field makes the company one of the most qualified at national level in the field of studies, planning and design in the hydraulic sector.

In particular, it has provided integrated engineering services for the study, planning and optimisation of most of the water systems of national, interregional and regional importance, carrying out the assessment of intersectoral water needs and developing forecast hypotheses for the use of surface water, spring and groundwater and non-conventional resources, with particular reference to the reuse of wastewater.
Of considerable interest are the studies and projects carried out in Italy and abroad in the field of major works for the accumulation and extraction of water resources (dams, reservoirs, tanks). In order to solve the problems related to the construction of these works, specific experience has been developed in the techniques for simulating flood waves due to the opening of the spillways and the hypothetical collapse of the dam (dam burst).

In the panorama of hydraulic works designed by our company, there is considerable experience in the field of drainage, with particular reference to integrated drainage systems, purification and treatment plants, sewerage systems in urban and industrial areas.
Of considerable importance are the design and supervision of works in the field of engineering of large maritime infrastructures: (ports, piers, docks).
In the specific sector of maritime and port infrastructures, the company has carried out or is still carrying out important design, works supervision and safety coordination assignments throughout the country. Examples include:

Port System Authority of the Central and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea:

-2nd Excerpt Strategic Works in the Port of Civitavecchia New access to the Historic Basin Connection between the Vespucci Pier and the Cristoforo Colombo Forewall. – Upgrading of the Port Hub of Civitavecchia – Construction of yards behind the ferry docks and quay no. 26 of the commercial terminal –b. Extension of Quay 13, 1st and 2nd lot 

Ministry of Defense: “Blue Bases” Program – adaptation and modernization of the logistical support capabilities of the bases of the M.M.I. – Naval Station in Mar Grande of Taranto,

Port System Authority of the Central Tyrrhenian Sea: Extension of the Duca D’Aosta Dam to protect the new eastern container terminal – I Excerpt.

Port System Authority Central and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea “Interventions for the reorganization of the Iron System in the area of the Port Authority of Civitavecchia

Port System Authority dello Stretto – Expansion works of the Nuremberg Pier in the Port of Messina.

Port System Authority of the Southern Adriatic Sea – Adaptation works of the High Seabed Basin in the Port of Manfredonia.

Central and Northern Tyrrhenian Sea “Interventions for the Reorganization of the Iron System in the Port Authority of Civitavecchia area”.

VAMS is involved in the design and construction management of innovative buildings, hospitals, schools and business centres, as well as playing an important role in planning for the preservation of cultural heritage. We pay close attention to the conservation of historical, artistic and architectural heritage. An important aspect is the diagnosis and monitoring of artefacts, in order to correctly assess the state of conservation and the causes of deterioration, in order to methodically develop the interventions to be carried out.

Among the most important interventions carried out:

  • the interventions on the Viminale building in Rome.
  • the Jubilee 2025 interventions, which include the design of the historical paving of some of the most prestigious streets in the historical centre of Rome (Via Giulia, Via Cola di Rienzo) and the design of the squares of the Jubilee Churches, including San Salvatore in Lauro, Santa Maria del Popolo, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Giovanni dei Fiorentini.
  • restoration of the Historic Salt and Tobacco Building in Porto Marghera, Venice.

VAMS Ingegneria has carried out numerous assignments on behalf of bodies and public administrations in the field of environmental protection:

The preparation of plans for the restoration and protection of water quality. In the field of soil protection: studies and projects for the stabilisation of landslide areas, hydraulic defence of watercourses, reservoirs and dams; monitoring and prevention of hydrogeological instability.

We have also carried out numerous projects in the field of renewable energy, hydroelectric, photovoltaic and wind power plants.

We design works in a sustainable and innovative way, reducing the impact on the environment and maximising the energy performance of buildings.

Sustainable infrastructures in harmony with the environment and the landscape, with the aim of improving the lives of communities.

Infrastructures that can withstand, adapt and improve over time, taking into account natural phenomena (earthquakes, floods, climate change).

We build metros, railways, roads and motorways, ports, maritime infrastructure and bridges, providing fast, efficient and sustainable connections by reducing CO2 emissions and studying materials at the design stage that take into account their environmental impact.

Our qualified team carries out analyses and surveys, VIA-VAS-VINCA environmental impact studies, proposals for integrated planning, creation and management of relational databases and monitoring of physical and environmental factors and interesting project applications in virtual reality.

The company operates according to a Certified Quality System

Environmental Certification

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 UNI EN ISO 14.001:2015 

OH&S Health and  SafetyManagement Certification UNI EN ISO 45001:2018  –

SA 8000.

Certification of Gendre Equality: PDR125/2022

Our team

Achieving our potential together

Our TEAM is our most important asset, the key to success in major challenges.

We have in-house technical staff with the highest qualifications in all areas of engineering design, as well as specific expertise in the architectural, geological, agronomic and socio-economic fields. The availability of interdisciplinary professionalism and the experience gained in all engineering sectors has allowed the creation of a permanent and highly qualified structure also in the field of environmental impact studies.

The use of computer tools (hardware and software), the application of the BIM methodology and the most advanced computer and design programmes contribute to the execution of works of great value. Our in-house academy provides constant training and continuing education to our colleagues and external consultants. Green and sustainability policies guide our daily life.