Strategic Works in the Port of Civitavecchia New Access to the Historic Basin -Connection between Vespucci Pier and Cristoforo Colombo Antemurale –

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Client    Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mar Tirreno Centro Settentrionale -Porto di Civitavecchia

Location Lazio

Status Completed

Final design for integrated contract concerning the works of New access to the Historic Basin Connection between the Vespucci Pier and the Cristoforo Colombo Antemurale.

As part of the future development of the port of Civitavecchia, the Port Authority has identified a series of works of great importance for the competitiveness of the port structure at national and international level called “Strategic Works for the Port of Civitavecchia”

These include the interventions covered by this project, relating to the construction of the new access to the historic basin and the connection between the Vespucci Pier and the Colombo Antemurale. The new project will allow the entry of boats from the south side of the port, with the consequent advantage of being able to better rationalize the intended use of the port areas and the related traffic by separating the predominantly commercial part from the rest of the port activities.

To achieve this result, it is necessary to carry out various interventions, in particular the demolition of the forewall  to create a new access and the construction of an embankment and a related protection work. The new port entrance will be bordered by two different types of works, in particular a bulkhead of piles on the west side and a cliff composed of natural boulders on the east side.