State Police Headquarter Palermo

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Client Ministero dell'Interno

Location Palermo-Sicily

Status Completed


Preliminary and final design, Safety Plan and Coordination during the design phase for the New State Police Headquarter of the city of Palermo.

The plot extends for approx. 150,000 square meters  in the west area of Palermo and has a slight diagonal difference in height. The architectural complex develops planimetrically on a main axis on which the functional spaces intended for general services such as offices for the public, relaxation areas, canteen, covered with a garden roof are articulated in a comb pattern with a helix design to promote indoor comfort and ensure the quality of the environments and integration with the surrounding environment.

The synthesis of nature and architecture is studied in every formal and constructive detail: the glass façades are punctuated by glass colored with the colors of the  vegetation of the place and transparent from which the interpenetration between artificial and natural space, between interior and exterior, between built and landscape is even more accentuated, minimizing signs and adjectives. The project is conceived by articulating and alternating the architectural volumes with greenery as an urban network of streets interpenetrated by spaces open to the public fully integrated with the natural landscape.

The system of the architectural complex culminates in the vertical distribution elements of the stair towers and elevator towers clad in corrugated steel that take on a predominant role as a metric system that cadets the space. This complex with is  articulated architecture is designed to encourage the exchange of roles and relationships with the desire to eliminate the monolithic and massive idea of monumentality in favor of the usability and plurality of collective and work spaces in harmony with the environment of the place.