San Salvatore Hospital in the city of Aquila – Design for the restoration of the buildings

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Client COGECO- Regione Abruzzo

Location L'Aquila - Abruzzo

Status Completed

Final and detailed design and Safety Plan during the design phase of the works for the structural and functional restoration of the buidings of  San Salvatore Hospital in the city of Aquila.The interventions included:

  • insertion of full-height reinforced concrete walls designed to become the main earthquake-resistant system and to give the building the necessary robustness to withstand severe seismic events and contain the range of horizontal displacements within limits compatible with the functionality of the building; the configuration of the new partitions, in compliance with architectural constraints, is designed to reduce the eccentricity of the centre of gravity-centre of stiffness and therefore the torsional effects induced by the earthquake;
  • construction of reinforced concrete “collars” around the new partitions to ensure the transfer of the floor shares to them;
  • jacketing of the pillars not included between the new partitions;
  • strengthening of the foundation system by enlarging the foundations capable of absorbing the actions induced by the earthquake in the new structural configuration.