S.S. 1 AURELIA – Adaptation and Safety of the Sanremo Ventimiglia Section-Technical and Economic Feasibility Study

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Location Liguria


DG 27/18-Lot 6 formerly territorial coordination no. 7

Implementation Agreement for the Technical and Economic Feasibility Design of the intervention S.S.1Aurelia –Upgrading of the safety measures of the Sanremo – Ventimiglia section.

Study of 4 route alternatives, Environmental Pre-feasibility study, Traffic study, Cost-benefit analysis,

Design of road axis for a length of about 23 km, natural tunnels, viaducts.

These studies have been carried out in order to identify alternative corridors to the SS1 Aurelia that would allow a lightening of the traffic of the coastal area, particularly intense in the summer periods. The goal of the feasibility study was to identify a new category C1 road route, efficient and sustainable from an environmental, constraint, archaeological  as well as hydraulic and hydrogeological point of view, considering the matter of the slopes and orographic reliefs interfered, but above all from a transport point of view. With the main task to achieve a fast and safe connection between Sanremo and Ventimiglia.