Police Headquarters buildings in the city of Catania

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Client Ministero dell'Interno

Location Catania - SICILY

Status Completed

Multifunctional Centre for Police Headquarters in the city of Catania.

Preliminary and Final design for the realization of a multifunctional centre for an organism of the state in the South-east area of  the city of Catania. The  functions envisaged for the  Complex may be individuated in the following functional groups:

  1. a) offices and rooms,
  2. b) parkings and warehouses
  3. c) collective and service residencies
  4. d) services (auditorium, canteen, gymnasium , chapel)

Characteristics of the project:

Lot area sm 41.229 – covered area sm 14.911 – occupied area- sm 29.710 Free Area – sm 11.519