Interventions on the Water networks of the area served by AQP- Apulian Aqueduct

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Client AQP- Acquedotto Pugliese SPA

Location Puglia

Status Completed

Interventions to achieve districtization, pressure control and monitoring of hydraulic quantities in the Water networks  of the area served by AQP Apulian Aqueduct – 7 functional lots Interv. 5

Executive design – including all connected professional services

The executive design is planned in several successive phases:

First phase: Identification of the districts considering the morphological study of the territory and the network and the results of the activities related to the previous editions of network rehabilitation, as well as the first information on the pressure regime.

Identification of the areas to be subject to the replacement of old and deteriorated water trunks, supported by the critical analysis of the data provided by the Contracting Authority regarding the repair interventions carried out in recent years.

Comparison with possible interferences and constraints on the territory. Sharing with the Contracting Authority of the proposed design choices and their codification and standardization.

Second phase: Full identification of the works shared in the first phase and  positioning and definition of flow and pressure monitoring stations and control stations.

Third phase: Quantification of the interventions and  solutions identified, definition of the network data transfer systems to the AQP Remote Control system.