Ferrara – Project and Works Supervision Restyling of Darsena’s area

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Client Comune di Ferrara

Location Ferrara

Status On going

 Final Design, Executive Design, Works Supervision –  for redevelopment  of Via Darsena and Darsena’s area  in the city of  Ferrara

The intervention concerned:

  1. Demolition and resurfacing of the asphalt pavement of the roadway; demolition and reconstruction of existing sidewalks;
  2. removal and construction of the public lighting system, relocation of an ENEL M.T substation and related power cables;
  3. Construction of the entire surface water disposal network including the new rainwater disposal pipeline, the drinking water distribution pipeline, the sewage and gas disposal pipelines.
  4. Arrangement of the road networks
  5. Viability – The roadway maintains substantially the same planimetric and altimetric trend as the current Via Darsena, with an enlargement of the south side of the route of variable width between about 6 and 10 meters, built in the road section where this was possible due to the presence of areas where the consolidated urban fabric allowed it. With regard to the design of the carriageways, 3.25 m (1+1 lanes) have been set up, therefore wider and more consistent with the current traffic consisting of wider vehicles, the passage of heavy vehicles and, above all, the simultaneous presence of buses in both directions.
  6. Design of a cycle path starting from the roundabout of Via Isonzo to Via Bologna, a cycle path that runs alongside the road carriageway on the right with a width of 3.00 m, with the exception of the final section, from the progressive km 0+580.00 approximately, where for space requirements it has been reduced to 2.50 m.