Connection of Road 106 Jonica to the area of Madonna di Polsi Sanctuary-Technical and Economical Feasibility Design

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Client Regione Calabria

Location San Luca - Calabria

Status Completed

Technical and Economical feasibility design concerning the second lot of the road connecting the SS106 Ionica and the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Polsi.

The connection between the state road 106 Jonica and the Sanctuary of Madonna di Polsi consists of 2 lots.

Lot 2 is the subject of this project, it provides for the improvement of the existing mountain road that starts from the final part of the bridge that crosses the Bonamico river, on the hydraulic right, up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Polsi. This itinerary starts from the state road 106 at the hamlet of San Nicola in the Municipality of Bovalino (RC) and, along the SP 72, crosses the Municipality of San Luca (RC) reaching the Sanctuary through other local roads. The intervention involved the arrangement of the existing road sections with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance works and, where possible, local widening of the carriageway and rectification of curves or small variants with the aim of intervening on the artery connecting the SS 106 Jonica, San Luca (RC) and the Sanctuary to avoid the isolation of these places and encourage travel also with a view to religious tourism as a resource not only for the municipality of San Luca but also for the municipality of San Luca. for the entire territory of the metropolitan city, thus guaranteeing accessibility to the area crossed and the continuity of the national network with the inland areas. Every year, in the period from March to October, the area around the sacred area comes alive with a substantial presence of pilgrims, coming from all over the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, the metropolitan city of Messina and other areas of Calabria.A careful Environmental Impact Study and in-depth geognostic investigations were carried out.