Completion and Improvement of San Nicola’s Port -South and North Piers -Tremiti Islands

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Client Comune di Isole Tremiti e Rodi Garganico

Location Isole Tremiti

Status On going

Completion and Improvement of San Nicola Port South Pier Tremiti Islands

Final and executive design, safety coordination during design phase, construction management.

This project includes planning new structures to “completion and improvement of the use of the south pier and the north pier of the port area of ​​San Nicola”.

The interventions   include an optimization and use of the south quay through a different and safer configuration of the terminal part of the pier, with the provision of an extension of about 15 meters,

this configuration will allow the docking of carriers from Gargano without these hampering the boats of local cooperatives.

The north quay should also be operative by lowering its current level above the mean sea level and allowing the ships of Tirrenia to dock with other vessels in complete safety.

A weather-marine study has been carried out to define design waves, using statistical methods to elaborate wave and wind data.

The second step is designing the new structures, north and south quay, using two different structures, concrete structure to build quay and natural boulders to build cliff.

To allow a safe docking is being planned bollards for mooring and water and electricity plants.

The main objective was the completion and improvement of the use of the south and north piers of the port area of San Nicola in the municipality of Tremiti Islands. The intervention aims to improve the use of the South Pier, currently in operation, and the complete use of the North Pier which currently has the sole function of defending against wave motion. The study, and the subsequent knowledge of the marine weather actions, made it possible to size the structures and verify that these, according to the type chosen, comply with the safety parameters required by current legislation.

A specific Environmental Impact Study was carried out on the biocoenoses of Photophilic Algae on the calibrated fine sands (SFBC) and on the biocoenosis of Posidonia Oceanica.

Studies have shown that, despite the the works  would not involve environmental alterations, in order to ensure the safety of islanders and those who work at sea,

and to ensure a better quality of life, intervention at sea must also include appropriate actions to safeguard the marine environment and in particular the biocoenosis of the Posidonia oceanica

meadows, so it was decided  to replant Poseidonia meadows.