ANAS-DG 27/18 -CAUDINA-A30-Highway Connection from Caserta to Benevento

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Location Campania

Status on going

DG 27/18 Lot 6

Anas Territorial Structures in Lazio, Campania, Basilicata aereas.

Technical and economic feasibility design of the “A30 Highway Connection from Caserta to Benevento – CAUDINA ”- with link roads to the Caserta variant and the Benevento First Lot ring road – from the junction with the A30 (CE) to the Paolisi junction (BN).

Adaptation to new Category B- outside urban area, as a variant of the SS7 “Appia” consisting in:

  • 24 km development from South Europe’s interport to Paolisi’s roundabout, including:
  • 6 natural tunnels (length 865m, 1000m, 200m, 200m, 1350m, 1400m).
  • 11 viaducts (length 3675m, 1050m, 245m, 35m, 175m, 1400m, 1470m, 70m, 630m, 100m, 2765m).

The project objective: improving the accessibility of the territory and the level of service of the national network; reduce traffic through built-up areas (especially heavy goods vehicles), reduce pollution levels and improve citizens’ living conditions; increase safety levels and reduce accident levels; increase territorial competitiveness.